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A training to create effective scientific communication and education projects targeting youth and facing social issues. We developed VALUART in collaboration with one of the most important science museums in Latin America, Parque Explora de Medellín, and the Adamas Scienza, the science communication association at EMBL in Rome.
Erasmus+ KA2


The objective of this project is to investigate the effects of the use of innovative methods of science education based on the performing arts in fostering the motivations and involvement of young people with science, technology, engineering and mathematics in several secondary schools.

International Projects

Science Slam

Espectáculos Big Van

Let's break the barriers between science and society! In collaboration with UNESCO we offer this peculiar contest that promotes the popularization of science.

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Espectáculos Big Van

High school and high school students have a lot to tell. In this project we encourage you to create your own scientific monologues.

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