Scientific Stand-up Performances

Scientific Stand-up Performances

Could we create superheroes through genetic engineering? Would we know how to explain to a hominid how fire is made? What science is behind a good fluke? Can there be life of the chula on other planets, or just despicable microbes? What is the relationship between a supernova and the great Lola Flores?

The "Scientific Monologues" begin with a comic introduction about the scientists and the frikismo, follow a series of monologues of about 10 minutes each, on particular themes or phenomena of science specific to the training of their interpreter, and end with a Question time where the audience asks questions about the topics exposed or about any science topic, and the scientists respond by interacting with him and improvising. The public has the option to ask a show of hands, or to do so through the social network Twitter. They are designed for adult public and students from 3rd of ESO. Its maximum duration is one and a half hours, but can be adapted to shorter passes; the minimum would be a monologue of fifteen minutes. For students of 3rd and 4th of ESO and Bachillerato the show is adapted with the experience acquired in the Project Perform.

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Requisitos técnicos:

  • 2 Microphones, preferably a headset or pouch, plus a microphone by monologue for questions.
  • VGA connection and Minijack to connect a computer less than 10 meters from the stage (a slide command is used).
  • Table for computer.