Whether you are part of a research group that wants to promote their work or a company which wants to launch a new technological product, we can help you design a communication strategy that reaches all audiences.

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

We are the perfect partners for your projects. We can design, write, and put into practice innovative scientific communication strategies to reach all kinds of audiences. Do not hesitate to count on us, whether it is for us to start from zero or to combine our experience with that of your own communication teams.

Institutional Communication

  • Strategic Plan for Comprehensive Communication (SPCC).
  • Analysis of the entity’s current situation.
  • Definition of messages, objectives, and communications strategy.
  • Drafting and dissemination of press releases and news.
  • Press impact analysis.
  • Crisis communication.

Consulting and project writing

  • Writing of work packages intended for project dissemination.
  • Writing of work packages intended for public engagement.
  • Adaptation of content to the specifications of different calls for proposals.
  • Design of strategies and activities based on the performing arts to communicate science.

Marketing and social networks

  • Brand image development, logos, and style books.
  • Webpage, blog, and social network profile design and development.
  • SEO positioning and follow-up analyses.
  • Target audience search.
  • Revitalisation of social network profiles, hashtags, and key target groups’ interaction.

Content creation

  • Writing blog content.
  • Writing science-themed books.
  • Content adaptation: Video-papers, scientific monologues, elevator pitches, infographics, memes, information pills…

Consolidation of Projects

  • Organisation of science communication sessions.
  • Informal events.
  • Event broadcasting via streaming and Twitter.
  • Crowdfunding campaigns.


  • Courses specialised in oral science communication for researchers, teachers, and students.
  • Science communication courses for journalists.

Other projects in which Big Van collaborates:

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