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If we come from the monkey, why are we such pigs?

If we come from the monkey, why are we such pigs? Is it possible to sneeze without closing your eyes? Will teleportation be possible? What is true about Moses and the Red Sea? Does the expired poison kill more or kill less? Can you go to infinity and beyond? Are there graphene condoms? Does drinking beer take away the hangover? These are just some of the frikis and descacharrantes questions that Big Van scientists hear every time they put themselves in front of their audience. On wheels and also in these pages, the authors of If you tell me gen I leave everything again explain with humor, not lacking wisdom, the most incredible questions of science, those that arouse the curiosity and interest of people, and that best reflect the atmosphere of their performances in the most remote places of Spain ... and part of the known universe.107 (beautiful prime number!) Questions and answers that will let you know once and for all what was before: the egg or the chicken?

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