A training to create effective scientific communication and education projects targeting youth and facing social issues. We developed VALUART in collaboration with one of the most important science museums in Latin America, Parque Explora de Medellín, and the Adamas Scienza, the science communication association at EMBL in Rome.
Erasmus+ KA2

Designing a scientific communication activity is not easy. Schools, universities or science museums must generate new activities, many of them focusing young people and adolescents, but where to start? In Big Van we have prepared a customized training to imagine, create and design communication and scientific education activities and projects.

With VALUART we will learn to design activities and projects capable of engaging, teaching, entertaining and moving the big general, but also young people and teenagers.

Not only that, with VALUART you will be able to design activities to face and even solve social challenges.

  • Why not bring scientific workshops to hospitalized kids?
  • Is it possible to face climate change in a science communication activity?
  • Why not reflect on societalchallenges while learning science?

All this we will learn in VALUART, a training focusing all those people who have to design communication or science education activities, as staff of the communication departments of universities and research centres, primary and secondary schools teachers who want go further with their students, managers and facilitators of science and technology museums or research staff who have to communicate their research project.

If you want to know more about VALUART training you can download our VALUART TOOLKIT. You can train yourself to generate projects and activities of scientific communication, but following this toolkit you will be able also to train other people.

We have created VALUART training after a year and a half of research and collaboration between three major entities in the world of scientific communication. On the one hand, Adamas Scienza, who carries out science education and training for secondary school teachers from the prestigious EMBL molecular biology research laboratory in Rome. On the other hand, the science museum of the city of Medellin, Colombia, Parque Explora, great experts in science communication projects with social impact. And finally Big Van Science, i.e. WE! What are we going to tell you about us that you don't know?

VALUART was born as a research project co-funded by the European Commission (602243). The University of Barcelona has analyzed the activities we have designed and assessed their impact. They have prepared a COMPLETE REPORT with the main results.

But come on, in summary we can tell you that after receiving the VALUART training, our students are more prepared to design scientific communication activities, more motivated, and have more tools to create activities and projects capable of facing and even solve social issues and societal challenges. You can review the main conclusions of VALUART project in this nice FLYER.

Thus, if you want to learn to design activities and projects of communication and science education, have fun, and do your bit to improve our society, contact us and we will implement VALUART training.

And if you are a director of an educational centre, you are responsible for the communication department of a university or research centre, or you are in charge of the facilitators of a science museum, you will be interested on why implement VALUART in your institution is a very good idea. That is why we have prepared this POLICY BRIEF, in which with a short look you will know the great advantages of this training.

And remembre, you can check VALUART in Italy CLICKING HERE.