We are a group of scientists and professional researchers whose aim is to make science communication appealing for general audiences.

Since 2013 we have been providing the latest science in an affordable and fun way, taking to the stage, making radio and television, writing books and giving training workshops in Spain, the rest of Europe and Latin America.

We believe that science, built on cooperation and equality, should be the primary tool for the progress of humanity. That's why we work for the advancement of science, research, debunking myths and fake news, all with the humor and geekiness that define us. No one should be left out of the benefits offered by new scientific advances!
In this line we work to promote scientific culture and STEM vocations, with special dedication to female scientific vocations and in areas at greater risk of social exclusion.


Helena González Burón

PhD in Biomedicine. CEO and Coordinator of Educational Contents

Oriol Marimon Garrido

Chemist. Project Coordinator

Alberto Vivó Porcar

Biotechnology and Nanotechnology expert. Content adaptation for teenage audiences

Eduardo Sanz de Cabezón

Mathematician. Manager of Training

Daniel García Jiménez


Patricia Martínez López

Industrial Engineer

Manuel Tardáguila Sancho

Molecular Biologist

Miguel Abril Martí

Physicist and Electronic Engineer

Ricardo Moure


Ana Payo Payo


Elisabet Prats Alfonso


Xavier Luri Carrascoso


Manuel González García


Luis Matías Hernández


Irene Puerto Giménez


Juan Junoy Pintos

Marine Biologist

Ana Peiro

Physician and anthropologist

Raquel Virto

Veterinarian and Bachelor in Food Science and Technology

Alberto Coz


Diego Herranz Muñoz


Javier Santaolalla Camino

Particle Physicist.

Juan Margalef Bentabol

Mathematician and physicist

Nacho Vicente


Adrián García Candel

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