It is the advancement of the scientific vocation in students that truly motivates us.

Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a member of a parent’s association (such as AMPA), this is your section.  Here, you can see everything that has been prepared at Big Van so that science is taught in its full splendour.

Big Van in your city.

Would you like Big Van to visit your city or your school?

We are preparing different tours, through which we want to reach all of the cities of Spain.

We are going to act in theatres and municipal halls so we can combine several schools in each visit.

You can download our dossier.

If you are interested in participating you can register here.



Reimagina la Ciencia Madrid 2023

Salón de Actos del Hospital 12 de octubre de Madrid

CienciaShow18 (Science Show 18)

A science-education-through-the-performing-arts project. It emerged from combining our experience in LocosXciencia and the innovations developed through the PERFORM project.


CienciaClip is a competition for informative videos about science designed, produced, and starred in by secondary students.

Specific training for teachers.

Freely available teaching material developed by the PERFORM Project.

You can also sign up for our specific courses for teachers. You can see them in the Training section.
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