The bat that made a mess

The bat made a mess of things. There is no doubt about that.


Elementum and the great theft of Nauru

Helena has no idea, but her life, and that of her three best friends is about to change forever


How to explain genetics with a mutant dragon

If you think that DNA is the acronym of a country that is very far away and that the brute of the class is the only one that descends from the monkey, you have found the reading you needed!


How to explain quantum physics with a zombie cat

If you are one of those who think that knowing that the only thing that a person can say to an electron is to stop being so negative ..., you have found the reading you needed!


If we come from the monkey, why are we such pigs?

We answer some of the most frightening and distracting questions that Big Van scientists have heard on stage.


Big Van Shirts

We launched our line of t-shirts designed by scientist and designer Wirdou on themes of the Big Van monologues.


Mathematical intelligence

It shows us why you should have something of a mathematician in this life, and that although many people have a history of frustration with mathematics, it is possible to reconcile with trauma or suffering.


We have fewer genes than a broccoli, and it shows

That invites you to look face to face at DNA, that set of genes that accompanies us throughout life, which sees us grow, run, change ... and wrinkle; the "guilty" of what happens to you.

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